Morning After

“What do I need to do to keep you in my life?” The Black shadow asked me.

“Nothing. I want nothing to do with you. Leave me alone! Stop haunting my dreams.” I said, only now realizing I was actually dreaming. I’ve only had this kind of dream once before. I could control everything. But I still couldn’t see the face of the black shadow.

“If you wanted me to leave you alone you would stop thinking about me. But you choose to think about me often. How am I supposed to go away if you keep pulling me back?” The dark shadow boomed.

Am I in a nightmare? This doesn’t feel like a nightmare. I can feel my body tense up, what is happening to me?

“Oh shit!” My best friend screamed. That woke me up and it would have been nice if my head was not connected to my body.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered because clearly I needed some pain meds, water and a reality check.

“We passed out after we found the liquor cabinet last night. I’m impressed we were able to drink that much.” She said smiling. Her sense of humor was not amusing this morning. Drunk is thought the spirits would want to have a par-tay. And actually show up if we drank and drank. Sadly they did not. They didn’t even contact us on the board either. Lame ghosts.

“I think I hear sirens…. we need to get the hell out of here! NOW!” She shouted. Her words cut through my head… I was going to lose my stomach.

“No time for puking, grab that book. And RUN. Like they’re having a shoe sale.”