Personal, Period.

As a preface, I was having excruciating abdominal pain that make me want to kick someone. But I thought it was just period pain because I expected copper IUDs to feel that way for the first 6 months.

So the other day I go in for a routine ultrasound to check that the doctor placed my IUD correctly. I was chitchatting with the ultrasound technician, basically just small talk as she probed me. She asked me if I was ever diagnosed with PCOS.

“What’s that?” I asked concerned. Because with medical things I’m a worrier. And she said you get cysts on your ovaries. I hadn’t been diagnosed but doctors over the years have thrown that acronym around. But the best part of the appointment was when she stopped talking and started drawing Kong’s all over the monitor. Then she told me to get dressed.

They told me to go into another room. The nurse came in and said for me to get undressed and that she had to set up the room for an iud removal.

“What do you mean an IUD removal?” I said shocked.

“No one told you, you were getting the IUD taken out today?” She asked holding the door.

“No! I need to be on birth control. No one told me I had to get it taken out! I don’t want it out! If it’s not in the correct spot than do they take it out and adjust it and put it back in?” I frantically asked.

“I’ll be right back.” She said walking out the door.

I could hear whispered voices. You want me to tell her… I don’t want to tell her… you tell her… I don’t want to tell her.

So they took it out. They placed it incorrectly and my body was rejecting it.

Terrible experience.