Before I moved back home to The Valley, it felt like my world was falling apart. There was no way up. 

When I was little I thought that 25 years old was old, like motherly aged. Now that I am almost that age… I have to tell ya, it’s not what I expected. All the time I think to myself, what did I do wrong? What am I doing wrong so I can fix this and get the life that I want? 

1.) I am not married or have a family of my own. 

  • I thought I would have a white picket fence and kids running in the yard. Yeah, I know this thought is crazy since kids freak me out. 

2.) I thought I would have a dream job and be financially stable. 

  • LMFAO. That’s a joke right? Want to join me drowning in my debt? 

3.) I thought that I would be desperately in love like a fairytale. 

  • Not a Nicolas Sparks or a John Green novel version of love. I want a happily ever after.

4.) I walk by the homeless on the street corners and think to myself. I wonder if you were drowning like I am now? Are you free from your debt? 

I have a feeling it would all fall into place when I’m not drowning in debt. I’m about to lose my apartment and will have to move back home. That makes me very depressed and want to drink away my anxiety. 

Life sucks sometimes.