Ex marks the Spot 

It was great hearing my ex talk about his new life with his new girlfriend. Of course I wanted to know that he wanted to propose and wanted 2.5 kids soon. I kept smiling. I don’t think he ever talked to me that much when we were together. And that was four years worth of one syllable conversations. Who knew he was so talkative? I think I may have looked shocked because at one point I had to put my hand under my chin to keep it from opening.

“You know that you can stop with the hand thing. It looks uncomfortable.” He said. 

“Sorry. I’ve just never heard you talk so much. You’re usually very laconic.” I said studying his face. 

“Whoa there fancy word Bond.” He said pulling up to the barn. ” You’re living in a barn? You’ve got to be kidding me.” 

He continued with “you can’t stay here. Stay with us. I’m sure my girl…” 

“Fuck no! Are you insane?” I spat out. “Even if she is the coolest girl ever, that is not something I want to participate in.”

He seemed to deflate. I guess I didn’t realize how much he missed me as a friend. 

I reached for the door when all of a sudden the child lock was enabled. 

“Wait, let me get the door.” He said and hurried to open the door. 

“Thanks.” I politely let him open my door. 

“No problem.” He stared me down like he wanted to say something. Then his phone started ringing. 

“Shit! I’ve got to go.” 

And before I got to say goodbye he was off.