When did we get hookers?

I walk. I walked until my feet hurt. I walked until I hit one side of town and turned around to walk to the other side of town. Why does he still affect me like that? Come on! It has been a really long time since I saw him last! What the hell is wrong with me!?

“Hey girl can I get your number? How much do you cost per hour?” Someone called out behind me. It was either a man with a feminine voice or a woman rasping her voice.

“More than you can afford.” I shouted back without turning around and kept walking straight. Usually, when I’m not in The Valley I never engage in those kinds of comments and just ignore them. I make them invisible and walk away like no one is there. You would be surprised how many people think I’m some type of escort. I was sitting near a statue once and some man came over to me as said I looked beautiful that day and how much I charged for the night. Yeah, great pickup line I know! Sarcastic.

I could feel the truck behind me following me. I knew exactly who was following me. It was like a moth to a flame. I didn’t know if I was the flame or if I was going to get burned again.

“Stop following me!” I stopped, turned ,and screamed at the truck. That got the attention of the homeowners in the neighborhood.

“Make me!” He said then laid on the horn. The cacophony made the dogs start barking.

I walked over the the driver’s side. He rolled down the window.

“Don’t just walk away when you give me a black eye.” He said, showing me the shiner I accidentally gave him with the door.

“Well don’t just stand there like an idiot.” I responded. At that moment I didn’t know what to do with my arms. Should I cross them and become defensive or leave them by my side? Do I lean against the truck like I’m casual? And this conversation didn’t make me rethink the last few years of my life?

“I was shocked to see you that’s all.” He said quietly. “I never thought I would see you again. You were always bigger than this place.”

“Yeah, well don’t get used to seeing me.” I said and turned around and started to run. This time I really was going to run away. Literally run. I hadn’t run since I was 18-years- old. Unless you count nonphysical activities, then I do a lot of that. I run from my problems all the time.

I cut between houses and then through someone’s backyard. He couldn’t possibly catch me in his truck. Then I hit the ground. He tackled me.

“You always did like me on top.” He huffed.

“What are you doing! Get off me!” I said. I was pinned underneath him. “You better talk fast!”

“I wanted to give you a ride home. Or to where ever you’re staying.” He said still on top of me. Damn, now this feels like home. FML!

Thanks… but no thanks. I can handle the big bad streets of The Valley. You know I’m a city girl now.” I said making sure my eyes smiled at him. “Could you please get off me?”

“Yeah, sorry. Now that I think about it that probably wasn’t very appropriate. Hard to believe but I’ve really been working on myself. I have a new girlfriend and I’m really trying with this relationship.” He kept babbling.

“Yeah, I know. I saw.” I let that slip. I stocked the crap out of them when I was having one of those days when you look at all your ex’s. You haven’t had one of those days? Trust me.. give it time. You probably will.

That small word, got his attention. He rolled off of me.

“You saw?” He said.

I sat up. “Yup.”

“I tried looking for you on social media. I couldn’t find you.” He confessed. Apparently, we were in church now.

“I’m hidden in plan sight.” I responded getting up.

“Very secret agent of you.” He said still sitting.

“Yeah, I guess you could call me Bond.” I said giving him a hand even though he didn’t need it.

“So Bond, would you like a ride back to your place?” He asked, looking over at me. His blue eyes pierced my soul.

Before I could think, my mouth opened and I said sure.