Your Attention Please! 

“Excuse me?” I said as I threw eye daggers at my best friend. She knew I never liked talking about the past. I had given up a long time ago trying to sift through the good and the bad. Now I’ve just moved on but some things still haunt me. That boy has been haunting my dreams.

“I knew that would get your attention.” She said as she swerved between cars on the highway going towards the mountain that separated The Valley from the rest of civilization. I never noticed how much of a crazy driver she was. She had carsick written all over her. Maybe I should have asked to drive.

“Please continue your story…” I said but didn’t finish. I hadn’t seen the guy she was talking about in almost 10 years, why was he asking about me? Was it because I was one of the only people to get out? I mean The Valley haunts everyone but you either accept it or get out. I got out but I had to come back to face my demons. 

“Earth to… earth to…? Are you even listening to me?” She said as she almost hit the car in front of us because she was looking at me instead of the road. 

“Yeah! I’m listening! I’m listening! Are you paying attention to the road?” I said even though I was lost in my thoughts and really hadn’t been listening to her.

“Well, he came in and ordered this bizarre drink combination that I had never ever heard before. I’ve been bartending forever, as you know, so I try to make it. It takes me a while and he was super impatient. He tells me to ‘forget it’ and starts to turn away then asks if I had heard from you recently.” She slips her eyes from the road briefly to look at me. My expressions tell more than my mouth does. But I’m not sure what it says now. So she continues. 

“I tell him that you were too good for us here in The Valley and that you were never coming back. Even though I knew it was a boldfaced lie.” She was slowing down to take a mountain corner. Thank goodness otherwise we would have rolled right off. 

“Why’d you do that?” I demanded an answer. 

“Because life needs a little extra drama every now and then.” She said before she turned silent. It was silent the whole way home. And getting dark outside. We finally pulled up to the place I would be staying. It was quaint and rustic. Okay, it was part of a barn but still it was cheap and it was fully furnished. 

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” She asked from the driver’s window. 

“Yeah. I’m good!” I shouted as I opened the door for the first time.