You can call me Lemon Bree…

I’ve been taking care of Gigi for a month now. After yesterday I can honestly say I think she’s getting better. It’ll take more time to learn how to cope but I think she’s on her way. 

I did something pretty wreckless, yeah I know that’s something Gigi would normally do, but she’s missing in action, my mom had to go back to her life. I am all alone in this old house. Sometimes it feels like Gigi’s mom is haunting it or at least living here too. Almost like her spirit is trapped her. Most of the time it creeps me out. So I’ve been working on my final project for school. A collection of writing (basically a diary with entries from my memories). I thought it would be creative and something different. I mean most of my fellow classmates will be doing business proposals. I’m more of a creative soul. Shocking I know considering this diary blog thing. 

Off topic back to my pretty wreckless thing… I met a guy. Normally I go for a traditional way like a coffee shop or a book store. Nope I made myself a dating profile and kept swiping until someone swiped back. It was actually fun and slightly addictive. It felt more like a game than chatting up guys. I haven’t told Gigi any of this yet. But since she reads the blog, it’ll be only moments until that changes. I was being a cyber-slut. I was talking to 15 guys at a time. It was my own social experiment. I wanted to see why so many people used this type of thing. I’ve decided it lazy people’s way of dating. And very entertaining. Half the time the guys asked which one I was in the pictures with Gigi. 

“Damn girl! Yo da blonde bitch?”

Classy. All of them the classiest gentleman. 

Then, I met this one guy. He sparked my interest because he wasn’t like any of the other guys that mutually swiped. I decided what do I have to lose… let’s meet him in person. We decided to meet at this restaurant for brunch. He’s a little bit older than me. So he ordered drinks with his food. I was good, didn’t need to end up marrying him. But it was nice and he kissed me. Made my lips tingle. I haven’t talked to him in a while. But I thought the blog might need a new beginning. 

I’ll keep you posted. 


(Gigi I’ll give you more details. Don’t worry!)