The Past. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder what my life would have been like if I chose to do something different in that moment? Or if the universe decided that my life had other plans?

Well, Gigi and I were riding our bikes carelessly minding our own business. At the time her parents decided to start a farm. A little one because God knows they’re really city people. There was a light breeze moved our hair (like we were in a commercial) and the sun was shinning. The sky was so blue that it went on for miles. No clouds. Life was happy. Everyone was happy. We decided to stop and climb the fence to look at the horses eating grass.

Then, a man in a light brown station wagon pulled over in front of us. I thought it was odd because he made two drive-bys before he stopped. He staggered a little and I could smell the booze even before he opened his mouth. He started chatting up Gigi right away. Gigi, her normal charming self (somethings never change), started small talk with this strange man. I tried to memorize his face, his car and his license plate. The last was harder than it seemed. But I can still remember it having the number 8. I said nothing as I straddled the fence looking for a way to run. His aura seemed like he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to. He wanted to show Gigi something in his car. That got my attention right away.

“No sir. I’m sorry but she can’t go see what you have in your car. We have to go home. My dad just off work from the police station” with that Gigi gave me the “I know you’re lying face.” But smiled at the man… the million dollar smile that would later on bring people to their knees. We got our bikes and went to the first house we saw. The man was following us. Thank god for Gigi’s neighbor! He knew exactly what to do. His wife comforted us as he wrote down the license plate number and called to police.

That was the day that changed everyone’s life. If we had just stayed inside like we told Gigi’s mom, maybe she wouldn’t have been hit head-on by the man in the station wagon. He had been wanted by the police for child abuse and suspected kidnapping. It was the first and only high speed chase that ripped through that small town. If I didn’t speak up in that moment Gigi may have been the one lost that day too. I always replay that moment when things get tough. Like right now, sitting in the hospital. I always do the “what-if” dance in my head. I know that if I wouldn’t be here if I had chosen differently. Do you think life is predetermined?

Everything is different now.