Letting Go.

This break has been… eventful? traumatic? life-changing? Yeah that’s the word life-changing. I’ve seen Gigi grow into herself. She has changed the most. Me, on the other hand, seem to be stuck in the same place trying to find my way. I know, I know… I am feeling sorry for myself. Gigi didn’t ask for any of this and the world gave her hell to go through and she’s made it. She made it through kicking and screaming. But she powered through. Right now, I feel like crying. She had to make the toughest decision of her life about an hour ago.

This might sound strange but I have to get back to school for my last year. I was able to “home” school for the first couple of weeks. That was when Gigi and Marc were getting to know each other. She didn’t want me to leave her. I had never seen Gigi worried about what a guy thought of her. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was like that black leather jacket that makes your outfits look edgy. Yet, paired with the right top and bottom could become something completely different. She is an outfit changer. A game changer. Marc knew exactly how to read Gigi like he knew her her entire life.

She told the doctors to do whatever they could to keep Marc fighting for his life. Money was no object. She’s even been researching to see if sending him to another hospital would be the best.

I’m sitting in the hospital cafeteria. Literally staring at the vending machines for a good three hours now, just listening to them buzz. The air conditioner is turned on. I’m getting goosebumps and my fingers don’t want to type anymore.

I’m not sure what Gigi will do if she loses Marc. I truly believe she has met her soulmate. I’m not sure she can take another heartbreak. I’m worried that this time might break her. We need to let go of the past and hold on to the future. I remember this one time when I snuck out of the dorms with my school friend. We ended up going to a store where they sold everything really cheap. This old man was sitting by the exit. He told me to live for today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and yesterday is the past. Or something like that… it’s been years. So today I will start living for today.