That one time in… 

Maybe you’re too young to read this but maybe it’s the perfect time. Did you know at one point in my life I considered being a stripper and threw around the idea of being a madame? I mean maybe with my recent behavior that didn’t come as quite the shock it would have when your father and I were still married. 

There was a time before I met your father where I thought I found the love of my life. He was smart, sexy, and confident. I swooned over him. In the words of Gigi, I had lost my fucking mind. He was my everything and I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. 

Now I know you have questions. I’m getting there….his memory is very hard to bring back. I’ve suppressed it for years and memories vanish over time. I understand what Gigi is going through. I’ve been there. And it is not easy. No one should go through that in their lifetime. I spent more time in and out of the hospital with him than I thought I would ever do. It sounds creepy but sometimes I would just wake him sleep to make sure he was still breathing. I would think I don’t want to lose this moment. Then, time slipped away. More time in the hospital and less time outside. By the end I wasn’t allowed in the room without wearing a hazmat suit. 

Gigi’s mom was the only one who was able to get me out of my funk. I didn’t leave my apartment for a year. I was in a dark place. Because of that I lost my crappy job and was rapidly running out of money. No one was hiring and I was rejected by most jobs I applied to. 

All I’m saying is… be there for Gigi, she needs you more than you or she realizes.