Where am I?

I don’t even know where to start… sleeping in a hospital next to my “husband”… two things I never thought I would do. First, have a fucking husband? When did I get so domesticated, if  I was a betting man (which by the way I’m not because vag) I could have sworn that Ashton would have been the first married.

Life is blows right now. I’m holding the hand of a stranger and now have to decide if he should stay on live support. Yeah I know there must be tons of questions. Well, Marc (my “husband”) collapsed a couple days ago. The doctors said something about him having swelling on the brain. They had to induce coma and now he has all these tubes in him. What is happening to my life right now? I already lost my mother and now I’m losing the guy I’ve started to give my heart to. Maybe I should tell you about how we eventually found him?

So, Ashton’s mom has a friend who does undercover work or some shit like that. BIG SHOCK HERE, she dated my fucking father! The bitch turned him into the cops. I blew up when I met her. I do not know what came over me. All of a sudden it was like my hands weren’t mind and I punched her in the face. After that I ran, faster than I have ever ran. I didn’t even know where I was going. I just had to leave. Ashton followed me. She’s the reasonable one. However, in that moment she looked like she had done some kind of heavy drugs and was dancing around me. She asked if I felt better. At the time I did, I felt like all my build up anger was released in that punch. We ended up sitting on the sand watching the waves slowly come in as the tide rose. We had to go back. I had calmed down and had to apologize (which Ashton suggested… she was back to her normal levelheadedness). So I did through clenched teeth and she apologized for ruining my teenage years. We decided to start over. She said something about understanding…. which I told her to bite me. Good second start. Hey, it’s better than a punch in the face, even though the bitch deserved it.

So it didn’t take her that long to find Marc. I was surprised that she was able to find him with the little information I had. Now that it was further from that incredibly stupid life moment, it was more fuzzy and that’s saying something because I was trashed at the time. She kept saying it wasn’t that hard to find him and we were looking in all the wrong places. He lived and worked in the town.

The doctors just came in I have to go.