Change is a good thing? 

I never thought I would be where I am right now 6 months ago, hell even a week ago. So much has changed and I am not sure if it is for the better. We found Gigi’s “husband” and it turns out he’s a cool dude. He’s funny and looks at Gigi like she’s the center of his universe. Basically like most men and occasionally some women. But his eyes share his soul and they care. My mother’s friend had to do some investigating to find him, but it didn’t take that long.

Where am I right now? In a foreign hospital waiting room with my mother and her friend Kennedy. Gigi’s “husband” collapsed, what was it, 24 hours ago, I’m not quite sure. Time seems to be standing still. And I can’t seem to stop feeling like we’re in a knock off version of a Nicolas Sparks book. Gigi will always be the leading lady but I do not think she wants to star in this one.

I’ll update my diary as soon as I know anything. We just found out that Gigi has to make decisions for him. The doctors had to medically induce coma and she has to decide if he should continue life support.