Over Qualified = Under Qualified 

“Girl when I was your age, I was so broke I would offer to pay people with my debt. You’ll be fine! Calm down.” Although getting married too young was probably Gigi’s mother’s greatest regret. She believed that she found her happily ever after. I think she did too but she still should have waited. Okay so I didn’t tell them the whole story about why I was in that situation, you know that not having any money situation and having debt the size of the ocean. I had big problem online shopping without having an actual job. In my defense nobody would hire me. I repeat NO one would hire me. I had a degree from a reputable university but it wasn’t high enough and I didn’t have enough “work experience.” I would take out credit cards and not be able to pay them back. It was probably the lowest point in my life. It’s probably also the reason I never answer the phone… but that is a totally different issue.

The girls done f*ed up this time, well mostly Gigi, but she’s basically my daughter. I swore to her mother when she got herself knocked up I would take care of her baby no matter what. I don’t even think Ashton knows that. I practically raised Gigi. It’s kind of crazy looking at the girls, its like looking in back in time. A happy time, well kind of, at that age I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Gigi looks just like her mother. It’s f*in’ scary shit man! Like part of her soul went into her daughter. It’s hard to believe that at one point in my life I was the rational one. I mean the Gigi apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I don’t know if she knew the story about how her mom met her dad. Although, right now is probably not the right time to bring that up. It’s like word vomit probably should only be said when someone is deathly ill and probably won’t remember because of all the meds they are on.

“You flew all the way down here to say ‘CALM DOWN!'” My brilliant daughter screamed at me. In the moment I was shocked and proud. How dare she scream at me after having me travel half way around the world for her! I know it’s a tough life. Sarcasm is my official language. I flew to the islands first class to help Gigi with her little dumb, dumb, dumb dumb. Then the other part was proud that my baby was standing up for herself.

SO! What do we do? Well, first things first…. we need to actually find this man that is legally married to Gigi. We had to start back at the scene of the crime. Then we can get this taken care up and annulled.