“YOU’RE WHAT!!!” I remember screaming as we touched down. Everyone turned their heads to look at me.  Like that was the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen? Please I bet they’ve seen worse then a girl screaming at another. Maybe they were expecting me to start a ‘girl fight’….well that was not going to happen! Gigi had done something so incredibly stupid. I didn’t need to follow suit. I needed to get off that plan and leave before I said something I would regret. Who the hell gets married to a stranger on a tropical island?! I’m sorry but this is not a romance novel. If it was, I would fall madly in love with the next guy I meet. Which by the way is not happening, he can kiss my ass. I hate having to call my mom to bail me out but desperate times, or so they say.

“Mom, I need you!”

She might be the world’s worst mom but she was there when I needed her and we desperately needed her. The woman who would sing the dumb, dumb, dumb dumb song as a lullaby saying it was stupid to get married at eighteen. Well, we needed her help for Gigi’s current predicament. I’m so pissed. I don’t even know if I can’t look at her. My best friend. What the hell! I need to talk another walk, just thinking about this makes me fuming. It’s either a walk or my hand is going to break punching the wall. Gosh that makes me sound violent. I swear I’m not which is why I choose to walk it off instead. Just waiting on my mom not to be honest.

“Excuse me,” strange guy asked, ” Are you okay?”

Good lord, I thought!

“Peachy.” I said and walked away, that was freaky close to what would happen in one of those books mom would always cry over…and now that I think of it Dad used to cry over them too.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for mom in the next terminal.