What’s your name again? 

Where have you been? Ashton’s eyes said to me when her words didn’t. I don’t know where I ended up but I’m glad I made it back to the hotel. I can’t believe Sebastian just showed up like that! The nerve of that f*boy! Some will say it’s his confidence, others would call it him being a chauvinist ass. I will forever categorize him in the latter.

I was so mad I destroyed the hotel room. The nerve of him to show up and mess up my calm beach vibe. No something bad always has to happen. I can’t believe at one point I actually may have deep deep down considered him to be mysoulmate. I guess I was wrong, so very very very wrong!

I think I was red, seeing red, feeling red, and hearing red. Then it went black. I say on the beach for a while. Furious wondering what I did wrong to deserve this! When some guy, walked up and sat next to me.

“I am not in the mood! So beat it!”

“No ma’am. I cannot leave a woman in distress.”

“I’m just peachy,” I said whilst gritting my teeth. “Now leave!”

“The sand probably doesn’t feel the same way.” He suggested looking down at the sand in my clenched fists.


“You know if you’re upset the best way to resolve it is to talk about it.”

So right there on the beach. I told a complete stranger my life story. I told him about my mother, my father, my money situation, and Ashton. After that I don’t know what happened. Honestly, no clue. All I know is that I woke up on the beach with a bottle in one hand and this guy holding the other. I think I felt a ring on one hand. Oh lord! I need to get out of here.

That’s how I ended up back at the hotel. I don’t remember how long I was away. But it was time to go to another island. I didn’t need this shit. I don’t even know that guys name!