Free Fall

He said “Baby girl, Imma change yo life!” She said “Go f* yourself.” This guy epically failed trying to hit on Gigi. Poor man, obviously didn’t think that through. The old Gigi is back! I guess Gigi = money. No money = bad Gigi. It’s been a whirlwind. What’s happened since I last wrote. I was swept away on a private plane to an island. I haven’t worn pants in weeks. I don’t think I have ever been this tan in my life. It looks like I was castaway on an island. All I need is a volleyball as a friend, kidding. Life can’t get any better. I’m with my best friend in the whole entire world, sipping on fruity drinks with my toes in the sand. What could possibly go wrong?

The universe thought that I was being a smart ass when I asked that what could go wrong question. Well, Sebastian showed up. He showed up and Gigi freaked out. Gigi flipped! Broke a table, punched a wall, kicked the television and then went on a bender. Yeah! That was way fun to witness. I was stuck in the hotel whilst Gigi, God bless her, went I don’t even know where. I feel like her mother right now. That is such a gross feeling. I am only seventeen years old! I should still feel like a kid, where’s my fuzzy blanket and hot coco. I’ve never really been a kid. I grew up way too fast. Gigi said she wanted to be alone. I don’t really know what happened to her just that she showed up back at the hotel three days later. She seemed totally fine and honestly quite cheery. It was a little creepy. Sebastian was waiting for her because he never left. He didn’t seem as angry as he was the day he arrived, it was more melancholy. Gigi wouldn’t listen to him, she refused to even acknowledge he existed. Everything she said was directed at me. Then with a swish of the hand she said “Let’s go!” We were off to the next place just like that. Sebastian was in the left in the sand.

Prior to departure (3 days before)

I called room service to clean the room and see what the cost would be for all the damages. Sebastian decided to make a return trip to the room to obviously finish the argument. I almost slammed the door in his face but his foot got in the way. I thought I broke it so I felt sorry for him. I invited him in so he could put ice on it. He wanted to stay longer and  wait for Gigi to return. He said he would wait for her forever. I said to wait in the lobby or outside. I had heard it was supposed to rain and drowned rat suited him. He asked me if I knew the whole situation, what was really going on with him and Gigi. I said that she hadn’t explicitly told me every detail but if she was upset she had a right to be and she would tell me eventually. He said that he asked her to marry him and would travel the world to get her to say yes to his proposal. Then, he kind of limped off.

Well, shit!