Vitamin Sea

So you know how most people my age say stuff like, “Get in bitch! We’re going to the mall!” Well before Gigi’s father went to jail, she would say “Pack bitch! We’re going abroad!” Surprise! I am currently at a coffee shop accessing internet for the first time in a few weeks. Gigi got all of her money back. It was like her mother was looking out for her.

It seems like everything has been a blur and I’m now bronzed and I’m sure smell like a salt lick. We really haven’t done anything except lay of the beach and relax. Well actually we’ve been island hopping. We haven’t stayed on an island for more then five days. I know I should probably start thinking about school that is going to be starting soon but it’s nice not thinking about anything. No adults, no responsibilities! I’ve never seen this part of me before.

I just got don’t with an email to my parents because we don’t have internet access or cellular service. It’s been nice to completely disconnect. No social media, no comparing our life to those who just capture the good parts. They were a little worried about us but they know that we can take care of ourselves. I mean we are practically adults and well Gigi is eighteen.

Before I go I have to tell you the craziest thing that happened the other night. Some guy broke in. We had met him when we first landed on the island. Gigi almost charmed the pants off him, which was not a pretty sight because we were in the airport. Anyways, he was a convicted felon that had just been released from jail. Yeah, we attract real winners! (Sarcasm!) SO… fast forward, this guy is sleeping on our couch. Fully nude, butt crack sticking out of the curtain he used to cover himself. Obviously, he was intoxicated and thought it was a good idea to visit Gigi.

Gigi -“Why the F* is the door wet?”

Dude – “I don’t know… Do you have to speak so loudly?”

Gigi started screaming. – “I will speak as loudly as I want! This is my F*ing place!”

I tried to get in the middle of this situation because I knew it was only going to get worse. We didn’t need the police being called.

I whispered to Gigi telling her that Dude has peed on the front door and walked to the bathroom to wash his hands. I heard him then I saw him.

I know what you’re thinking. Weren’t you concerned that this guy could have really hurt you guys because he broke in. Well, yes but at the time that wasn’t our concern. The concern was getting the vomit/ pee smell out of the room. I mean Gigi eventually convinced him to clean up everything but still it was looking like it was going to get physical. I could see the rage in Gigi’s eyes when he was being a f*boy.

We booked the next flight to the next island after that night and we made pledges that we wouldn’t talk to local guys again.

Well I’m off to the hotel now. I left Gigi alone for the first time. I hope she is okay. I’m not sure what prompted this whole affair and I haven’t pried into what happened with Sebastian but I know that she will eventually tell me.