The Birthday Surprise!

You know how your 18th birthday is supposed to be magical and special. You’re like thrust into adulthood. Well, mine sucked ass! My father, the jerk, is in jail; my mom, is dead; my boyfriend cheated on me with a hooker and knocked her up. I lost my job. My best friend’s mother decided to get all motherly and ban booze from her place. I thought it couldn’t get worse. Well, it did.

Sebastian proposed. He did it like those crappy romantic comedy where the guy puts the ring in the champagne. I thought we were just going to go out for dinner and celebrate my birthday. Obviously, he had other plans. I said no. Why because he said it would be financially beneficial on both of our ends. A business adventure. I don’t need that in my life. I walked out. As   I was walking to Ashton’s mother’s house, because I couldn’t afford a car to pick me up. I got the surprise of my lifetime. The lawyers called and told me my trust fund was available to me. I told him to go F* himself then hung up. He called back and did his lawyer talk. Apparently, it was my mother’s money that was put away for my trust fund and my father had nothing to do with it, which meant that it wasn’t frozen.

So, instead of going back to Ashton’s mother’s house I ordered a limo and picked Ashton up. We went to the airport and got the hell out of there. I’m actually writing this from the beach, you don’t need a lot of luggage with a bikini.