What Happened!?

Current situation: In bed with a guy. Mother’s awesome parenting skills for the win. What happened last night? Oh god! Is that… Mark sleeping in the chair, was he watching us? Gross!

Okay time to assess the damage…. I am actually wearing clothes! Where is Gigi? Ah! Bathroom!

I found her and Sebastian in the bath, how they fit in there-no idea!- but it seemed to work. They unfortunately were not clothed. I threw a towel on them and that startled them awake.

“What happened last night!”

The only thing Gigi remembered was “mother daughter body shots,” table dancing and oh did I know my mother had a hydronic stripper-pole? What on earth? Apparently it came out of the ceiling in the living-room. We were and I quote “a Vegas lounge act.” Gigi was impressed and didn’t know I had that in me. Obviously, neither did I because I would be mortified if I did all of that sober, especially with my mother. I mean somethings you shouldn’t do with your mother… body shots are one of those things.

So I must have had too much alcohol last night, again. Me and booze don’t do well together, obviously! I think I need to sleep this off.