So you know how sometimes (almost always) its frowned upon to not show up at work? Well, hello! I didn’t know that and now, well I’m fired. How do I know that? My LOVELY supervisor texted me and told me not to come in ever again… It was literally like Logan’s breakup text again. Only this time I can’t… no I won’t drink over this. Why? First, I can’t afford to drink over this. Second, Ashton’s mother decided to ban all alcohol from the house after her “farewell” party to her party lifestyle. She “has turned over a new leaf” and decided it is time to be more motherly and less like the frattiest mother alive. Yeah I just went there.

So for once in my life I am feeling sorry for myself. I even cried in the shower this morning. I don’t think I have ever felt this low whilst completely sober. Maybe I should talk to Ashton about this. I’m sure she would understand. Although, it is kind of embarrassing because I am a complete dumbass. Does crying count if it is in the shower? I mean technically it could just be water from the shower and not my eyeballs. F! Where is that girl when you need her?! Oh thats right! She is on a date! I hope this one turns out to be a good guy and not a complete hoax.

Maybe Ashton’s mother will have some good advice. So I ventured into the kitchen and she was there trying to bake a cake, or what looked like something that would be in the bottom of a BBQ.

“Hey.” I said when I walked over the the island and sat on the bar stools.

“Sup bitch?” Ashton’s mother said not looking at me … That is my favorite pickup line.

“…” I couldn’t control my eyeballs. One tear fell to the marble countertop and then my face got all scrunchy. Not again.

“Sorry, I am trying to be ladylike these days,” Ashton’s mother turned around while saying that, saw me and then rushed over to me. The only other time this woman ever hugged me was the day we put my mother in the ground. I lost it. I cried because my mother was gone. I cried because my father was in jail, the bastard. I cried because Logan broke my heart, the bastard. I cried because Logan knocked up the prostitute he cheated with. I cried because I lost my childhood and had to grow up too fast. I cried because the job I hated, turned out to hate me too. After about an hour of full blown tears, snot, and sobbing. Ashton’s mother did the one thing I never thought she would do. She called her therapist.