Once a F*boy, Always a F*Boy

The scum of the earth looked like he had seen a ghost of relationships past… oh wait he had! I walked down to the kitchen and found that mother’s men had really gone all out for me. I felt special and I even smiled. Then I glanced around the group looking for Gigi. And I saw him. He looked like a puppy who peed on the carpet and got caught. His tail was between his legs, or how did Gigi put it? “His dick was stuck between his legs?” Anyways, I went over to him and was going to apologize when my mother announced that she was going to throw a kick ass party for my home coming and everyone should grab a cup.

I thought we had discussed no more alcohol? I guess mother’s attention span is comparable to a goldfish. Although she didn’t get a cup like she told everyone else to. The guys quickly rushed the cabinets to get the plastic symbol of a party.

I went to grab Gigi. We talked a little bit. She said it wasn’t her idea to get scum. She was extremely apologetic. It was my mother’s idea, maybe it was her why of trying to help me through my breakup because she couldn’t get over her divorce. At least she’s trying to help.

My mother knows how to throw a blowout. There were more people in the house than I had ever seen. Apparently word had gotten out. Sebastian had found Gigi. But Gigi was sticking to me like glue. I told her I was fine, but she did not leave. I was like third-wheeling and I really didn’t want to. I told her I needed to go talk to scum alone. She told me she would let me but would be in the shadows just in case I needed her. Sebastian rolled his eyes at that. What was she a secret agent?

I found him sitting, basically ostracizing himself from the party. That was not like him at all. He was completely absorbed in his phone. He was texting someone, probably Tiffani. Oh yeah, and for those who want to know… Yeah she’s a natural red head. I sat down next to him. Then I poked him. He jumped and almost launched his phone.

“What the F… Ashton?”

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. 

“Okay, what are you doing here?”

I came to talk to y…[interrupted] 

“You know I’m not interested in a relationship with you.”

Please be aware that normally I would not use this type of language but no shit? I thought you were in love with me? Hell no! I would not put myself through that shit again. 

“Oh, well that’s good. So why are you here? Why did you invite me?”

First, I need closure. I know that you don’t need it but I do. I’m sorry for my actions yesterday. I was just in shock seeing you. Second, I did not invite you.

“Oh… it’s okay, I guess.”

I just need to know, why? Why did you cheat on me with her? She was my best friend. 

“It was easy. I really don’t know why.”

Well I guess I will never know. But at least I can tell you that I am over you. I know you probably don’t care but I needed to say it. Would you like a drink? 

“I’m sorry.”

Those were the last words I heard him say. I went and found Gigi on the opposite wall talking to Sebastian. She had strategically placed him so she would watch our conversation. Okay maybe I can call him by this name now. It’s Mark. I thought he could have been the one but I guess not. I really wanted him to be the one. Gosh why do all men suck? Why are they all f*ckboys? It’s not a good thing to be dudes.