Man up.

Ashton’s mother is like a drill sergeant when she’s not completely knocked on her ass by booze. She ordered her men around and they did everything she said. She did this while still hugging a crying Ashton. I’m impressed. She asked me what happened and I tried my best to mouth the words and use hand gestures but only half of it was successfully communicated. Then while Ashton was in the bathroom composing herself. She quickly told me to go get the scum of the earth. She had a plan. I said it was a bad idea. And for me to say something is a bad idea is something because I am always the one doing the wrong thing. I’m the Princess of Irresponsibility. Apparently I’m dealing with the queen now.

So I hopped in the car and picked up the last person I ever wanted to see again. The mistake that caused this whole situation in the first place. But he got in the car like it was no big deal and I wanted to smack the crap out of him. But I held my tongue. That was hard because I generally speak my mind. I hope Ashton doesn’t kill me.

She looked drop dead gorgeous! Movie star! Damn girl! Eat your heart out scum.