Something Bad

So I knew that Ashton could bottle up her emotions like the best of us but I think that was well that episode was a good seventeen years worth of shit that just came out. I have never seen her talk to her dad that way ever and I’ve known her forever. He yelled and she yelled right back. Then did something unexpected. She ran out the front door and didn’t even close it.

I had to go get her before she ended up hitchhiking and buried in the woods somewhere. But first I had to deal with the current situation. I talked her dad down from his rage. Then I dealt with my mistake that ignited the fire to the keg of gun power that is Ashton. I asked them to leave. I explained how it was necessary that they both leave. And if they didn’t I would intoxicate Ashton again and sick her on both of them. They left immediately.

Then I borrowed the car. I found her walking five miles away. Damn girl can move it when she’s upset. I made a prostitute joke because I’m a fabulous friend. It made her smile a little through her tears. Thank god I grabbed a tissues box before I headed out the door. I wish I still had money so we could just hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world. But I don’t and I can’t get soft while I’m being there for Ashton.

Then she told me to take her to the last place I thought she would want to go.