What happened? Why did I wake up on the bathroom floor? My clothes are cold and I think they’re wet? Oh god, my leg hurts! Is that what I think it is? Gigi slept sitting behind me against the bathroom door. She put a towel on me as a makeshift blanket.

I think I’m going to be sick again. Be right back.

Okay well I couldn’t because apparently nothing is left in my tummy. And I think I did something to my knee. Well it’s time to face the music. I need to talk to my dad. Because as soon as I asked Gigi what happened she started laughing and said “Good morning rockstar. We traded positions last night. It was refreshing. How’s that hangover?”

So my dad was pissed, and rightfully so because I drank almost everything in the cabinet and ruined his lounge chairs. But he was the most disappointed in me because I tried to drive drunk. He said something about teaching me better then that. I told him he didn’t teach me anything, he sent me to boarding school.

Then I stormed off in my soiled clothes. I started walking and I didn’t stop walking for miles. Then, Gigi pulled up beside me. “Get good-looking, how much do you charge an hour?”

I got in and told her to drive anywhere. I just needed to leave and go somewhere else. I had never fought with my dad before. Generally, my dad and I didn’t talk much. He kept to himself (obviously because I would have known about his lover if we spoke more) and I didn’t tell him much about my life either.

Gigi – “You know if I still had money we could have gone anywhere in the world, right?”

Ashton – “Yeah. But I think there’s one place I need to go.”

Gigi – “Are you sure?”

Ashton – “Yeah. Sometimes they are the one person you need the most.”