Such it up Buttercup!

So I may have done something wrong. Ashton has locked herself in her room. I may have been stalking her online and found this guy that was in all her pictures. She’s been very uptight recently and you know what that means… she needs to ‘get some.’ But that was not the reaction I was expecting. She slammed the door and stormed into her room. I thought that would be a good surprise. I welcomed the guy and girl that I thought were her best friends at school. They were holding hands that was odd. I showed them to the guest bedrooms. Then went up to see what was wrong with Ash. She locked the door and she never locks the door. I asked her father to see what was wrong, then the whole house made a visit to the locked door.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I hope she’s okay. Well there is only one thing to do. Grab a bottle and get in through the window. I put the bottle between my boobs for safe keeping. Wish me luck that I don’t fall to my death.


I have never seen Ashton drink that much in my life. Trust me when I say that because when I drink it generally is a war on alcohol. I guess she’s studied more then those books.

SO… I found out that I am a complete dumbass. I was trying to get the party started and invited who I thought were Ashton’s boyfriend that she obviously forgot to tell me about because I was going through my own break up and her school bestie. Apparently, they aren’t anything to her anymore except a heartbreak.

I helped Ash with the first bottle which as a result was what would be approximately a glass. Ashton finished that one and asked me to steal another. Since I am the bestest friend ever; I stole like nine bottles. That resulted in Ashton drinking five of them, throwing up the liquid all over me because she hadn’t eaten anything. She finally got the courage to go downstairs after I changed. I mean technically you would describe it as charging downstairs. Thank god she didn’t fall. She had an opened bottle in one hand, walked out to the deck where the pool chairs are, dumped the entire contents of the bottle on scum’s head then proceeded to push him in the pool. That was a funny sight. She looked like a puppy trying to get a giant to fall over. That didn’t work. SO she tackled him. Like American football players would have been impressed by her form. They both ended in the pool. He said some choice words. I fell over laughing hysterically. The noise and splash got the attention of her dad. That was bad.

“What the hell is going on here?” “Ashton have you been in my liquor cabinet?” “Ashton what were you thinking?”

I’m leaving. I’m going back to mother’s. Her men are better this this  f*boy in this house.

She stormed into the house and got half way to the car when her dad’s lover grabbed her before she made it to the car. He must have been a cop in another life because he had her on the ground and she was squirming around. He kept saying “Don’t you dare think you are drinking and driving, missy.”

We finally talked her down. She was trying to run away again. I think that’s why she came home this time. She hasn’t visited home since she moved away to school.

I’ll let you know how the night goes. Ashton is currently kissing the toilet.