Dead woman

Gigi is a dead woman! Murder is bad! Murder is bad! Murder is bad!

How did she? How dare she? How dare she! Why did she invite them? Why did she invite the two people I was trying to avoid this summer? Yeah, she just invited them for a long weekend and she thinks I need to “get a good a dicking” when in reality I need to stay far away from that dick.

This morning I opened the door said hello before registering who it was. Once I did I slammed the door in their face and ran to my room. And here I stay. I have locked the door to the world. Gigi came up, my dad, his lover, my ex-bestie, and then the scum of the earth. I didn’t answer for anyone. Not that it matters. I’m stuck.

Hold on…

Gigi decided to scale the side of the house to my bedroom. All whilst carrying a bottle of some kind of booze.

“This might come in handy later when you tell me what’s going on.” 

I told her the whole story and how I was embarrassed about what had happened and how I thought I was dealing with it but I obviously wasn’t dealing with it. Then we started the golden liquid protection to the guys who broke our hearts. Swigs from straight from the bottle. She told me about Logan and his new baby momma.