How did he find me? Does he have a tracking device on me? Am I microchipped like a bitch (aka a female dog)?

Guess who came over yesterday? Nope not Sebastian, he called Ashton to see if I was ok. How he got her number? No idea he said don’t worry about it. It was nice to hear from him.


Yes that Logan. Not like I have enough problems in my life… Logan showed up yesterday while I was at work Ashton answered the door. I don’t know how he figured out where I was. He’s not that bright.

Anyways I got home and he was sitting on the couch getting grilled by Ashton’s dad and lover, who were on the opposite couch. All they needed was coffee and a fouresent light.

Did I mention I may have gotten drunk the other night and had a heart to heart with the guys? No. Well I don’t really know what is real and what is fake when I think back to that day. It was a complete blur. I think I also signed Ashton up for a dating app. She was complaining about being single. I thought she said she had a boyfriend back at school? I think she’s mad at me. She’s not talking to me at the minute.

Back to the real situation: Logan. I will leave the choice words I had for him. Out because those don’t need to be repeated. Ashton will kill me if I say anything unfiltered (again). He just sat there and asked if we could go somewhere private.”No way, jerk!” Then, Ashton’s father said something about closure being a good thing.

“Fine! You have 15 minutes speak your peace.”

We went out to the pool where the lounge chairs are. I sat and he sat across from me. I looked at my phone and started the timer. I wasn’t messing around. I had a long day already and a life that seems like it’s already been an eternity.

We just looked at each other with judgy eyes. He finally spoke:

“I really (messed) up this time. I think I got her pregnant.”

I burst out laughing. I guess his pullout game ain’t strong anymore.

“It’s not funny what should I do? I’m desperate and you know me the best.”

Dear sweet little baby Jesus. He was serious and was about to cry.

Get your shit together bitch! Time to man up. 

“But what do I do?”

1) That is not my prob anymore.

2) You broke up with me.

3) Tough shit. 

Then I got up and went to my room.