Just Here for the Sex

My guilty pleasure since I was very young… Smutty Romance Novels. I mean true love is fascinating almost magical. Maybe that is why so many people are home wreckers. They want the magic that other people have. As Gigi says those books are full of sh*. Most days I think she’s right but today I feel different. What if there is someone out there who is your soulmate? Then I try finding a guy like they do in the book and nothing. I get the:

Me: Hey

Him: Sup 

Me: Not much. How are you today? What is your favorite color? 

Him: Don’t matter. I love yoga.

Me: You do? What is your favorite position?

Him: Any position where you are on top. (wink face) 


Me: Hey. How tall are you?

Him: 6′

Me: Cool.

Him: How tall are you?

Me: 5’… Is that too short?

Him: Not too short to bang.

Then I instantly block them. I don’t have time for that. I want someone that is genuine who actually wants to date me and not just looking to hook up with me. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is in this day. Maybe I just have an old soul. What happened to the old fashioned stuff? The kind where the guy gets weak in the knees when he sees the girl when they go on their first date. Instead reality kicks in and he doesn’t respond or call you when he says he’s going to.

Why do people just want to hook up? Do I give off the “Just Here for the Sex” vibe? I mean I don’t mean to. This was not the plan when I made my dating app using the same one as Gigi. She got dates and a date with someone that might be her one. Here I am trying to find a cool guy who wants to date me and well the response is abysmal.

Anyways back to reality. Well that is the reality of dating life = abysmal. Currently, Gigi is at her first temporary job. I hope she doesn’t curse anyone out. I mean her idea of making money is that silly (extremely illegal) app. I hope she doesn’t know anyone who understands anything to do with programming.

I’m just sitting by the pool and working on my tan. OKAY! I’m working on not getting burned. Peeling skin is not sexy. I had a my first conversation with my dad’s lover. His name is Tom. He grew up in a small town and went to an Ivy covered school. It was all small talk but it was still talk, better then the tattoo story. I wonder why my dad didn’t want me to get a summer job? I’ll have to ask him soon. I think I heard Gigi…