“The one the only, prostitution app! Yours free to download. In app purchases available.” (Cue telemarketer voice)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, how am I going to afford life? I mean how do adults do it? This shit is expensive!

Ashton says the idea still needs work and oh right it’s illegal, but really I think she’s just being  paranoid. Everything will be F.I.N.E. Sometimes that girl needs relax. I’ve got this under control!

Step 1: Get participation.

How will I do this? Maybe we should have a sleepover with every girl we know. Most of them have morals that would make a stripper blush. Oh! That’s right exotic dancer, my bad! Talk to Ashton’s Dad.

Step 2: Find someone who knows something about making apps.

This one might be harder than getting girls to participate. I wonder where I can find Sebastian, he would know someone.

Step 3: Advertising and Making Bank.

My dad only gifted me with one thing. I always thought it was a black credit card. I was wrong. It was the ability to talk. I could convince people to do almost anything.

Tomorrow is my first day at this new job. I had to borrow Ashton’s smart people clothes. She kept calling them business clothes and I kept saying where is the casting couch? I look like I’m ready for my first porn. She’s not as boobylicious as I am. I guess I should go to sleep. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll go find Sebastian tomorrow after work.


Who would ever guess I would say that!?