Girls ‘R Us

We were just sitting on the beach trying to forget about our lives for one moment. It seemed peaceful. Then, it was interrupted. 

Gigi: Georgia Rose Curtis presents all girls all the time. Catholic school girls R us. We get girls from school and start our own prostitution ring!

What do you think Ash? Would you like to hear the rest of my business model? I know you’ve learned something since you’ve been away at school… YOU CAN HELP ME!

There went our peaceful afternoon. 

Ashton: “Ok well first, prostitution might be the oldest profession; however, it is very much illegal. Plus you don’t own a brothel in Vegas.”

Gigi: Do you think your school friends would be down?

Ashton: “Probably but I don’t think you are thinking about the long term consequences of this ‘profession.’ You were the one who told me that orange was not your color. Do you want to share a cell with your father?”

Gigi: I would not “share a cell with my father,” he’s in an all mens prison. Duh! I would probably end up on house arrest and since I am a minor, I would have my records sealed.

Ashton:”You’ve put a lot of thought into this haven’t you?”

Gigi: I had the brilliant idea come to me in a dream the other night. I was wealthy again but this time I was also famous…

Ashton: “You mean you were infamous when they arrest you?”

Gigi: No, famous. Stop being such a negative, start seeing the positive.

Ashton: “This is a really bad idea.”

Gigi: I know but this will be brilliant!

That was the end of that conversation. Hopefully, Gigi won’t act on those dreams she had.