Get Your Sh*t together, B*tch!

You know how I said that the day Logan broke up with me was the worst day of my life? Boy was I wrong! This day could be compared to the day my mother die. My wonderful father has been arrested which for me means all the accounts have been frozen resulting in me now being homeless. No income means I would be living on the streets or in foster care because I am only seventeen.

Thank you baby Jesus for Ashton’s dad. He said he would be my legal guardian until I turn eighteen which will be in a few months. So now I have to find a job, which in all honesty I never thought I would have to do. I need to find a place to live. It feels like I’m driving head first into a blackhole of adultness. Where does someone get a job anyways? Are they hard to find?

Another thing that majorly blows, they took MY phone into evidence and I can’t even text Sebastian back even if I wanted to. It’s not like I have his number memorized… who does that anymore? He’ll have to search for me I guess.

Back to my original problem, well basically everything is my problem now. But the first is that job thing. Maybe it’ll be like the dating profile thing. This will be easy! I’ll just apply to everything and see where it goes. Do I have experience? Sure. Do I qualify? Absolutely!

Ashton is going to help me do this thing called a resume and cover letter. She has  always been Miss. Academic. I always made fun of her for it but it’s a good thing she ignored me because I really need her. Her dad said something about becoming a Temp (whatever that means) for this Office Company. He was actually reading about it when those men decided to be jerks taking away my car and my phone.

So now I have to pick myself up and dust off and stop feeling sorry for myself.

It’s time to get your shit together bitch!