You’re WHAT?

I know. I know. This is Gigi’s part of the blog but we just got news. Her father was arrested for well I’m not sure exactly what the correct terminology is but basically he’s been a spy and a drug lord for the last 30 years. No wonder he had so much money and why Gigi didn’t know what he did or how he even made that much money.

Now back to the current concern… Gigi. She has always had more money then God. Now she is broke. They froze the bank accounts. They froze the assets. They took the homes. I had to hold her while they took her phone and car. I think she had a panic attack because as soon as the men left. She completely passed out landing on top of me. My father’s lover picked her up with ease, took her into the house and tucked her into the daybed.

The day started off like any other normal day in summer. Finally I remember thinking a normal summer day. We slept in after a night of talking and convincing Gigi that Sebastian was a good guy. Then we were abruptly woken up by loud noises coming from where the cars are parked. All of us walked outside in our pajamas. Thank god no one was nude! “What the (insert profanity here) are you doing!” “That’s my car!” “Ass!” Then Gigi said some more inappropriate things that will make me blush if I write it. The men handed her a piece of paper and said “Sorry, ma’am, just doing our jobs.” She looked down at the paper and then the waterworks started. She handed the paper to my dad and his response was “shit.” He normally never curses this must be bad. He told me to take Gigi inside immediately. I tried to pull her away from the car accident that was going on in the driveway. She was cemented in place. Then in the next second she landed on me, completely out cold.

So back to the present…

She hasn’t woken up yet. I hope she wakes up soon I’m worried about her. Her body must be processing everything.