My dad picked me up. Gigi showed up two days later with a suitcase. How she found me? It must be that best friend/sister gps. Because when I arrived at the house, my phone decided it wanted to jump into the pool. Okay maybe I helped it a little bit. So no phone for Ashton.

The shock came when I found out that dad didn’t live alone. He lived with his lover. I thought great this is going to be awkward. But I said “Okay cool.” Then we talked about why I wasn’t staying with my mother. That was the topic for the rest of the ride.

A man answered the door. He looked like he was a mountain man, beard down to his chest, probably 6’5″. My dad got out of the car and rushed towards this man with a smile I had never seen before. They embraced. He turned to me and said “Ashton, I would like you to meet my other half and my soulmate.” Shocked! Pure shock! But they taught me manners at this school so I held out my hand and waited. I said “It’s nice to finally meet you.” He didn’t want to shake my hand instead my words were an invitation for him to give me a bear hug. Literally, it was like hugging a bear. Dad has interesting taste.

So I went out to the pool to process everything that was going on. For the first time I allowed myself to think about the ass and my former best friend, my mother’s new lifestyle, Gigi’s father kicking me out, and now my father and his other half. The one thing I did big expect was a call from the ass. That pushed me over the edge. So I threw the phone from me with so much force it bounced off the tiles and into the book. I had his number blocked for a while but then the universe decided it would be funny if the final project stuck us together, it was 80% of our grade. There was no way I was failing.

I think I’m going to take a walk on the beach. I know it’s dark still but I think it will help me process. Maybe that’s why dad bought the house here.