“Jump man! Jump, jump, jump man! Jump maaaaaan!” A deep voice echoed through the entire house.
Well, I guess my father is home. Better go greet him before he leaves again, not that he would care. I wonder if he brought home his latest wife? Or if it’s the current mistress (soon to be wife)? Have you ever realized that mistress has the word stress in it? No wonder it’s a pain in the bum. (Great, now I’m writing like Ashton!) Speaking of which, where the F is that girl?

Straight up, my father a terrible human being. Do you think there is a possibility that mom was having an affair when she got pregnant with me? Then that would mean that father isn’t actually my father and I’m not related to a crazy man? The point of that  little ramble is that he was telling me about the latest employee who jumped. Apparently this isn’t the first one to jump to his death. (Side note: obviously we don’t talk much. I’m not kept in the loop) He kept laughing the whole time. Come on man! Show some sympathy! One of your people jumped and you’re laughing about it. So not cool!
Honestly, I have no F clue what he does, I just know he makes a ton of money. He could be a drug lord for all I know. Maybe the man didn’t even jump… Interesting!

He announced that we were going to an event at the club as a “family.” Publicity, you know the only time he ever wants to be seen in public with me. I met my new step mother, she’s tiny! She looks about half my age. But apparently she’s 25-years-old. From a place I’m not even sure is on the map. I’m not allowed to bring Ashton. Because she’s not “family” and my response was telling him that she was more “family” then this new wife. He told me off and I stormed away. He sent up a dress and a wig. Apparently daddy doesn’t like my new hair.

Wish me luck! Or at least give me a shot of tequila! I need it!

I need to find out where Ashton is. Do you think she went home to her mother’s place?