The One?

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-9-42-07-pmSometimes Ashton says there’s such a thing as a soulmate. I think that is a bunch of sh*. I will bet my left butt cheek that it is just a pile of steamy poo-poo (that better Ash). I mean I should be working. I mean I am technically at work. Whatever, I hate this job anyways. It’s probably some cosmic joke. I mean what are the odds I would be placed in a church. I shouldn’t be allowed within 10 yards of a church. I half expect it to burn down or lightening to strike me down. So far, so good. I know more about it then I ever thought I would. To be honest I think the institutionalized version of church is a waste of time, all they want is your money. But hey that’s just my opinion. Maybe I’ll see the light from working here and understand… doubt it but I’ll try. Anyways…

Ashton has unreal expectations when it comes to love. I mean come on if we look at the examples our parents taught us… we should be far from thinking there’s a thing as a soulmate. She thinks Sebastian is my soulmate. If I were younger and my mom was still alive, then I might believe her. Sebastian hasn’t really left my side since my father went to jail.

Shit! My boss is looking for me now. Well I guess I’ll write more when I get home.