Young & Dumb

I ended up leaving my mother’s house because let’s be honest I do not want to be in a frat house. I don’t need those particular experiences until I’m at university. I came here to get away from guys who are “young, dumb and full of cu…something” as Gigi would say.

Gigi welcomed me with opened arms and helped me get myself situated into the room that was basically mine anyways. Her mother set it up when I was still living at home, she was still alive, and my parents were married but bitterly fighting everyday. The house even has its own name its that grand. It’s named Chateau Emma after Gigi’s mother, in her honor. The only thing that Gigi’s father did that was respectful to his wife after she passed.

Gigi has officially decided to make an online dating profile. She asked me to help her take pictures and write a kick butt bio for her. I did. She currently has around sixty suitors. Her first date is tonight. Hopefully it goes well but we have a signal if it doesn’t. She is supposed to text me if things go south then I am supposed call her hysterically crying telling her my grand aunt on my second cousin’s mother’s side’s cat, rabbit and opossum died.  You know pack in the extra drama. “Work it girl” as Gigi said with a dramatic hand gesture hair flip.

Later on…

We spent most of the day getting Gigi ready for her date. She went to the salon to straighten out her hair situation. Honestly, there really wasn’t anything they could do except strip the color so now she looks like her hair is dull almost translucent cotton candy instead of vibrant blue. She has to wait awhile for her hair to be dyed again. She really did a number to it this time. Fortunately one of her step mothers had an unusual obsession with wigs and not the cheap ones that you would find at a Halloween shop. Theses really expensive ones that makes it hard to tell if it’s the real hair or a wig.

She decided to go with the wig, her signature blonde beach waves. I think they even call that style the Gigi.  I’ll need to double check to make sure but I’m 99.7% positive. I guess not it’s called the G1g100996. Technically it’s not a name, oops!

She’s off to her date. He would not disclose the location of where they were going to meet up until approximately one hour before the dinner so that made me suspicious. Please let Gigi be okay!

I think I heard someone knocking on the door, which is really odd. Normally the maid or butler answer the door. I’ll go see who it is…