We’ve got a Runner!

It’s not like I’m running from all my responsibilities, just probably the one that will change my life forever. FOREVER! Most little girls dream of Prince Cha-damn your jaw line can cut glass; I dreamed of Ivy and kicking drug lords asses. It might be from my traumatic childhood but that is so not important now. I’m on my way to the place I’ve been avoiding since they sent me away. My hometown. It was so small that everyone knew your name, bra size, second cousin’s middle name, and that one time you forgot to do laundry which resulted in a pink thong white short incident. In my defense, they were my last clean pair. Mother was still getting over the fact that Dad had filed for divorce and had shacked up with someone half his age. I think she has adjusted now maybe too well, slightly overcompensating. I mean looking at the pictures she posts. Do you think she’s photoshopped his abs? Sorry to have bored you this entire time, I’m usually not one to talk this much. The fasten seatbelt sign just came on. Better put away my electronics. Oh, by the way my name is Ashton. Ashton Beverly Carson. I’m seventeen, in a “complicated relationship”, can’t take a good “selfie” to save my life and have  curly blonde hair with a complexion that could scare a ghost. My obsession is real for sea air, classic movies, and polar bears. I mean have you ever seen a baby polar bear, so cute!