What happened yesterday? God only knows. I remember picking Ashton from the airport, going to our favorite beach spot, then the store… oh right, I need to stop drinking. Hopefully I can suppress this headache and bout of queasiness I am feeling right now… Oh no!

Well, that just happened! Thank god my bathroom is connected to my bedroom otherwise the maid would have had to clean my carpets again. I think I’ll just spend the day in bed sleeping off this terrible nightmare that is my life right now. If you need me… leave a message after the beep… BEEP. I probably won’t answer for a few days because really I’m not a people person. G’Night.

That was a good nap. I feel so much better but I need breakfast or brunch depending on the time. Let’s go to the guest and see Ashton.

Where did Ashton go? I mean she did come home with me last night right? Oh god! What if I didn’t pick her up from the airport like I said I would? I need to call her!