Bad Boy Blues

Georgia (Gigi) Rose Curtis is my best friend since forever.  She looked like she was born to be in a bikini on the beach. Long natural loose waves, bronze skin, and green eyes. Almost George, her father really wanted a boy, “carry on the family name” some shit like that. He reminds her on a daily basis, well that is when he’s home. He’s abroad 363 days a year. I’m not sure what wife he’s on now but he keeps going younger and younger. I mean he can afford it, “trophy” wives. Gigi is definitely messed up because of it. But she puts on a brave face. I mean countless therapists have told her she’s messed up. Puberty hit her hard and blessed her with the body of a supermodel and the attitude of a rockstar, she doesn’t care about anyone/thing except for me and Logan. Logan is her on again off again boyfriend. They are either obsessed with each other or not talking and assuming the other is cheating. As soon as I saw her new black two-seat sports car, she put the top down and stood to scream at me. “Sup Bitch!” She said as she jumped from the driver’s seat. I just stared in horror. Roller bag in one hand and carry on putting marks in my shoulder.

My Gigi. The beautiful model had done it again, I mean I just saw her yesterday when we video-chatted. That was twenty four hours ago! Now staring back at me was Atomic Turquoise with highlights of Bad Boy Blue. Oh did I mention she shaved the sides? What the you know what, was she thinking? Then some guy in a suit almost tackled me from behind while Gigi tackled me in a hug. The guy glared at us while talking on the phone. Gigi stood straighter and used some preferred language with the man who flushed and walked quickly away. She and Logan must be off again. But this time she said they officially called it quits and it was not like the last times. So she did what any sane girl in her situation would do. Dye her hair and use daddy’s card to buy a new car, she would have bought a motorcycle (suits her personality) but with her mother’s accident she would never ride one again. She even scheduled an appointment with the plastic surgeon. The last one was only logical in Gigi’s world The rest of the female population under 20 would cry eat our feelings and then get over it. Not spend mass amounts of money on stuff she doesn’t actually want or need. The ride home consisted of me trying to convince Gigi that she didn’t need her boobs enhanced, her nose sharpened or liposuction on her “love handles.” If she has love handles then I don’t know what I have. She’s a size 2 on a good day. Eventually we got to our favorite ocean view. It felt good to wiggle my toes in the sand. Gigi packed beach chairs, so we sat and watched the sun go down. I asked what really happened with Logan. She told me everything. This time he really did cheat on her, with some girl named Devon. Never saw that coming! He broke up with her via text yesterday. I read all the messages sitting on the beach watching Gigi out of the corner of my eye she was wearing big black sunglasses so I couldn’t tell if she was crying but I think she might have been.

“Hey, its the distance. We shouldn’t be together.”

How awful is that? A three year relationship over in eight words. He didn’t have the balls to breakup with her in person? She asked me to drive the rest of the way home. We stopped by the grocery store to get supplies. Sweets, savories, tissues, magazines, and a toothbrush. We need our teeth healthy even if the heart is broken. I called my mom and told her I was staying with Gigi. I think she actually sounded disappointed.